Beauty on steroids!

As I write this, JLO’s Booty is playing in my head constantly. The song is simple, all it asks if you have got a big booty. For the uninitiated, booty is a slang for a woman’s derriere /bum/bun/butt/whateverthathelpsthemtosit etc.  Kardashians are making a living out of it and rappers are flaunting their achievements by the number of lap dances they have been able to get from estranged females till date.

I was personally more intrigued when i saw Khloe Kardashian’s Complex photoshoot which felt lesser about the going to the gym and more about her butts on steroids!

As we said before, Kardashians are making a living out of the their derrieres and when  Khloe surpassed her sister Kim in terms of size and implants, something bizarre happened.I was forced to rethink whether I would really go mad about a woman because she has an insanely big butt!

Beauty standards have always been weird. Pamela Anderson and American Pie series evenhandedly made breast implants the ultimate female beauty in the nineties and the early 2000s. Then came the trend of botox and the only thing which made people hate it were Sylvester Stallone’s hung lower lip and Simi Grewal’s way too perfect eyebrows.

Since a few years, the bee stung lips helped cosmetic surgeons make a bounty and pouts became the in thing for eternity. The lip job made the beautiful female ugly and the ugly woman uglier! A whole new world of cosmetics like lip plummer( what the hell is that) emerged and the R&D guys at Lakme and Chanel got a bonus in their paycheck!

Then came a Kim Kardashian West and even though Jennifer Lopez has always been our favorite, keeping up with the Kardashian dynasty characterized by small waist, plump lips, pomade hairstyles and bum implants became tougher!

Jason Derulo asked you to wiggle that butt, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea got the multi-platinum status and Pitbull kept flirting with them as usual(at least one thing remained the same…hail Mr. Worldwide!).

The question is, why our beauty standards becoming so brazen? Madubala never had any such body structure yet she won the heart of zillions of us(I am still not able to find her replacement!). What happened to class, the sophistication and the fun of the less being more!

Anyhow, who are we to judge. The only thing that these implants can’t replace is probably that degree, the respect and the legacy we leave behind. “What the hell are you saying moron”, my subconscious yelled. Well by the time I pick up a fight with my inner self, please do let us know whether Boman Irani’s butt is sexier than John Abraham’s or not in the comments below 😉 …


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