How to get the Male Chauvinist Tattoo

I am living my life at the rate of 600 seconds per minute. Working in corporate setups and handling the insane clients definitely gives you some help in learning more at a lesser time.

One thing that really took me interest lately is the rate of stereotyping men are subjected to. Is this the real Lean In era we all are hearing so much about?

Some recent incidents made me rethink about the definition of Male Chauvinist. Ideally, a sexist woman hater pig is termed as chauvinist, but,for some of the female counterparts whom I do not feel like addressing ‘Ladies’, it is more of a weapon of saving their cover from being blown.

Picture this, you have a woman in your office who can get angry over general office cooler gossips. Half of her day goes about bickering over how everyone around her is wrong. If she had been given the liberty to review her colleagues, it would be something like this:

  • Mr. A loves to ogle at Christina’s butt.
  • Mr. B flirts around with every female colleague.
  • Mr. C is rude and indifferent to his junior Miss Poor Girl a hard time, bombarding her with assignments and other bullshit work like PPTs.

This woman, by herself is highly inefficient, has most probably never given a single deliverable on time and is certainly no value addition to the organization. She has termed her boss a Male Chauvinist Pig thousands of times. Most of the managers she has worked with are irritating and are making unnecessary reviews for her work!

I guess if that woman reads this, she has already termed me a sexist! I don’t care, as last week, she also renamed that prettier colleague wearing the shorter skirt(apart from doing more work and getting better promotions than her) a whore!

I want to be really clear.Most of the corporate setups are trying their best to be woman friendly. I will not say all but yes, most of them are doing lots of things apart from celebrating Annual Women’s Day. There are lechers in every office, but there are good ol’ Gentlemen as well.

The way I see it, a lot of women are using the sexist term in order to hide their inefficiencies, diverting the discussions in order to save themselves from getting the blame for screwing up the reports(like any other Mitch). So they always have the easier way to blame her male boss for being a woman hater instead of facing the opposition and moving ahead anyhow.

These false cases makes it difficult for the administration to take care of the real ones. A study shows that 18% of the rape cases in India are false.

Rest is up to you, you can either live in the Eutopia and believe in the perfect sexist world or you can open your eyes a bitch and save yourselves from getting a tattoo like this!





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