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Magic Potion

She was thirty nine and was insanely successful in her career. Even though not married yet, she had substantial achievements in her kitty, be it her penthouse in Defence Colony area of New Delhi, her envious wardrobe collection, a beach-body to flaunt or her string of admirers willing to lie, steal and kill for her! She had whatever an ambitious girl could aspire, but she found all that way too shallow.


Doing the WORK, eradicating hopelessness

Life has a funny way of working,people complain that life is not fair,yet they celebrate when they triumph over others. Perhaps life isn’t fair for a reason, maybe life isn’t fair because life rewards those who are willing to grind and hustle for what they want. I hear a lot of people who complain about their lives, they keep on saying how “crappy… Continue reading Doing the WORK, eradicating hopelessness

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The best damn guide to becoming self centered (hypocrites, please excuse us!)

Suffering and struggle are often caused by a lack of self-centeredness. You can avoid much trouble by staying self-centered at all times! I’m sharing some tips on why and how to do that. What it Means to Be Self-Centered Being self-centered could be defined as being fully present and aware of yourself, occupying your entire… Continue reading The best damn guide to becoming self centered (hypocrites, please excuse us!)


Getting rid of the breakup blues ASAP… (weird ideas ahead!)

So we had that breakup for the 7th time. Oh we are such a hopeless romantic. Well life shouldn’t stop because someone doesn’t meet the same tangent as ours. Zindagi Gulzaar hi nahi, Salim-Javed bhi hai 😉 Get ready to ditch those post breakup blues within next five minutes, because considering the longevity and mortality… Continue reading Getting rid of the breakup blues ASAP… (weird ideas ahead!)


Why Dr. Kalam was the true man

RIP Dr. Kalam… the man who needs no elaborate introduction. He achieved more than a team of scientists combined and yet was so grounded. God hardly makes people like him nowadays. He was adored by kids for his pleasing smile and calm demeanour. Dr. Kalam possibly had least tantrums and was nothing like the seasoned… Continue reading Why Dr. Kalam was the true man